Plugin Alliance Battalion

Unfiltered Audio Battalion

Unfiltered Audio har lansert den virtuelle trommemaskinen Battalion i samarbeid med Plugin Alliance.

Her er hvordan de beskriver Battalion:

Sonic pioneers Unfiltered Audio are back with Battalion, an unparalleled auditory experience marrying the timeless tonalities of classic synths with the unbounded sampling capabilities of modern drum machines. Battalion’s hybrid design seamlessly integrates state-of-the-art sampling with robust synthesis capabilities so you can traverse sonic landscapes beyond expectation.

– Unfiltered Audio

Her er noen hovedpunkter:

  • BLEND Slider for seamless blending between synth and sampler generators
  • 20 synthesis engines with unique controls
  • Controls for pitch adjustment and four engine-specific parameters
  • Multi-mode filter and non-linear distortion
  • Filter algorithms including Low-Pass, High-Pass, Band-Pass
  • Distortion algorithms including Bitcrush, Rate Crush, Wavefold, Phase, Tape, and Tube
  • Four simple modulation sources for adding movement to drum parameters
  • Two Envelope sections
  • Two multimode LFOs
  • Eight voices with advanced mix interaction controls
  • Unfiltered Audio effects: SHATTER DELAY and HEADSPACE REVERB.
  • Channel Strip with DELAY, REVERB, PAN, VOICE GAIN
  • Performance mode
  • 3-BAND EQ with separate gain controls for LOW, MID, and HIGH frequency bands.
  • CLIPPING MODE selector for managing signal clipping behavior
  • 22 selectable GUI color themes

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