Toontrack Synth Bass EBX

Toontrack har lansert en ny utvidelse til EZ Bass. Denne gangen har de valgt å fokusere på synth-bass. Utvidelsen inneholder 75 ulike basslyder for alt fra pop og electronisk- til ambient musikk hentet fra seks ulike hardware-synther:

  • Oberheim OB-X8
  • Roland Juno-106
  • Moog One
  • Yamaha DX-7
  • Sequential Prophet 10
  • Game Changer Motor Synth

Her er hva de sier:

For this EBX, six carefully selected hardware synth instruments were sampled as a foundation. From there, the design team added sonic layers of field recording noise, modular synthesis, granular module tones, foley and various other ambiences to create richly textured and multilayered bass tones. After that, all sounds were individually processed, saturated and patched through vintage hardware compressors, EQs and tube outboard for further organic warmth, grit and boost. The result? A patchwork of 75 hybrid synth bass sounds that covers the entire range from tight, plucky, clean and pristine to the thunderously drone-like ambient, dirty, distorted and aggressive. In addition to the sounds, a fundamental collection of MIDI building blocks as well as basic, melodic and arpeggiated patterns unique to the product are included.

– Toontrack

Prisen er 795,- SEK.
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