Toontrack Elements EZX

Toontrack Elements EZX er en utvidelse for EZ Drummer 2 (og Superior Drummer 3). Som alltid med slike EZ bibliotek-utvidelser følger et utvalg MIDI med, slik at man raskt kan smelle sammen et komp. Prisen er 795,- SEK.

Her er hva Toontrack sier:

«In this EZX, three parallel sonic worlds collide and converge in a multi-dimensional display of organic, electronic and viscerally evocative sounds. Presenting a total of 30 unique kits distributed across three conceptually different libraries, this is an all-encompassing collection of multi-spatial sounds designed to live in a nameless divide where genres, styles or narratives are secondary. Frankly, this is an EZX for fearless exploration – loaded with sounds that have the power to awaken the senses.»

  • 30 unique kit presets (plus alternative variations)
  • Based on a blend of analog, electronic and organic sounds
  • Remixed, layered and reamped using outboard, effects and elaborate sound design
  • Ideal for experimental beat making across all genres
  • Several variations of grooves tailored for each kit preset
  • Produced, engineered and mixed by Alex Shulga (Sound Kalpa)

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