Toontrack DiscoPopE BX

Toontrack Disco Pop EBX og MIDI month 20%

Toontrack fortsetter å levere utvidelser til EZ Bass. Denne gangen er det bare å få på seg danseskoa og hive seg med for her kommer Disco Pop! Prisen er 795,- SEK og krever naturligvis at du har EZ Bass fra før.

Her er hva de sier om produktet:

If there was a time when the bass truly stepped out of the shadow of the drums and took center stage, it was during the golden days of disco. Even though the jumpsuits, platform shoes and flared pants may be a thing of that 1970s era, disco has never been more now than it was back then. It may have taken on more of a pop suit, but listen to the likes of Dua Lipa, Daft Punk or Bruno Mars and you’ll hear it. In the forefront of that sound is a classic bass belting out a juicy double-note-infused and octave-ridden disco groove. For this EBX, we went out of our way to find the ultimate instrument that could bridge that gap between classic and modern – one that had all the vintage traits but also enough girth to stand its ground in a modern pop production. We found it. At that, it’s not just any bass, it’s one of the 356 ever built Hagström* Super Swedes. Co-designed by the late Rutger Gunnarsson of ABBA fame, this is a bona fide disco bass icon just like the very man who once played it. In addition to the instrument itself, this EBX also includes a broad selection of classic-to-modern-sounding presets as well as a basic collection of big, chunky and trademark disco-type basslines. Whether it be a funky 1970s-style disco track or a hyper-modern banger, for your next four-on-the-floor, make sure the bass gets some jaws on the floor. If you’re looking for an EBX with a vintage vibe as much as a modern mojo, this is it. Now, get that groove on!

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