Steinberg WaveLab 12

Hvis noen sier «masteringprogram» vil mange automatisk tenke på Steinberg Wavelab. Lanseringen av versjon 12 ble nylig gjort under årets Vinter-NAMM. Den nye versjonen har nesten 80 nyheter og forbedringer. En av nyhetene er støtte for ARA, som gjør at Wavelab kan brukes i andre musikkprogrammer som støtter denne standarden, som f.eks Cubase 13, Nuendo 13, Reaper 7 og Presonus Studio One 6.5.

Her er hva Steinberg sier om WaveLab 12:

  • WaveLab inside your favorite DAW: You can now use WaveLab’s powerful Audio Editor as an ARA plug-in within your favorite DAW.
  • Multi-color waveform: You can now visualize audio waveforms in multiple colors, which highlight the spectral content.
  • Drag&Drop audio exchange with other DAWs: Seamlessly transfer any audio range, with or without effects, from WaveLab to any other application, without any limits or restrictions.
  • Loudness Analysis and Reporting: You can now generate personalized reports detailing all aspects of loudness and peak levels within your audio files and montages.
  • Loudness matching: Match the loudness of reference tracks to the Audio Montage output and vice versa, for instantaneous, accurate A/B comparisons between mastered audio and reference sources.
  • Automatic transient markers: This feature offers optional visual guidance which aids for snapping audio selections to transient and release points.
  • Visual analysis: Explore the spectral details of your audio files and montages in minute detail with this wide range of visual analysis tools.
  • New Startup Assistant: Kickstart your projects with the new Startup Assistant, featuring an extended session management section and a web display panel.
  • Streamlined Audio Montage asset management: Simplify the organization of your audio montages with a revamped structure which operates from a central folder housing files and other folders.
  • Extended quality assurance: new Null Test Track: This feature is a widely adopted audio measurement method for quality assurance.
  • New plug-ins: SampleAlign, BlackValve, VoxComp, Raiser, EQ-P1A and EQ-M5 have been added to WaveLab’s plug-in arsenal.
  • Plus, more than 60 productivity features: Adding even more features, WaveLab 12 comes with 60+ productivity features throughout the entire application.


WaveLab Pro 12 fullversjon 6.023,-

WaveLab Elements 12 fullversjon: 1.206,-

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