Spitfire Audio AIR Studios Reverb

Spitfire Audio har lansert sin første effektplugin. Den er kalt AIR Studios Reverb, og er en en konvolveringsromklang, dvs. den bruker samples (Impuls responses= IR) av rom for å lage klangen. Spitfire har her valgt AIR Studios. Det er intet mindre enn 67000 impulse responses inkludert i produktet.

Her er hva de sier:

Introducing our first ever effects plug-in AIR Studios Reverb, an immensely detailed convolution reverb — created in collaboration with the team at London’s iconic AIR Studios. Using our very own “Virtual Positioning Technology”, you can position your sounds anywhere in the legendary Lyndhurst Hall — one of the world’s most sought-out recording spaces. Our Spitfire engineering team have curated a selection of 54 presets to suit different instruments based on real life mixing practises, and to create a selection of standard reverb modes and spaces. Adjust the canopy height, material, hall layout and gallery dampening, and blend up to 8 individual true stereo signals to create a hyper realistic sonic experience.

– Spitfire Audio

Introduksjonsprisen er 279 EUR (ca. 3.250,- NOK), og gjelder fram til 16. juni .
Normal pris er 349 EUR (ca. 4.060,- NOK)

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