Relab Development Maselec MEA-2

Relab Development Maselec MEA-2

Relab Development lanserer en ny mastering EQ, Maselec MEA-2. Relab Development er til nå mest kjent for sine reverbplugins (som er svært bra, synes vi), men nå har de i samarbeid med Leif Mases utviklet en stereo equalizer for mastering bruk.

De beskriver produktet sitt slik:

Experience the Exactness Of Advanced Machine Learning
The iconic Maselec MEA-2 EQ wasn’t just emulated; it was meticulously recreated. Through Relab’s cutting-edge machine learning and robotics technology, every nuance was captured from a custom built, one-of-a-kind unit provided by Leif himself. Where others might settle, we pushed further… capturing over 2.9 million data points, and achieving a near-perfect match with a maximum deviation of just 0.018 dB. Once you try this plug-in, you’ll immediately feel like you’re using the legendary hardware (without the hefty price tag).

“The Maselec MEA-2 Plug-in by Relab is closer to the original hardware reference than any two units are to each other.”

LEIF MASES – Maselec (Founder)

Normalpris er $199. Introduksjonsprisen er $149, så man man sparer 25%.

En 7 dagers demoversjon av pluggen er tilgjengelig.

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