Nomad Factory med oppdateringer

Nomad Factory melder om store oppdateringer for Magnetic, Cosmos, Echoes og plugin-pakka Magnetics Bundle, der alle disse tre inngår.

Her er hva Nomad Factory sier:

Magnetic v3, Cosmos v3, and Echoes v3 have undergone a comprehensive overhaul, integrating them into our new, robust framework. This transformation not only refines their functionality, but also enriches the audio quality they produce, ensuring that they truly capture the essence of vintage audio equipment while leveraging modern technology.
The Magnetics Bundle v3 combines these three powerful tools into one convenient package, offering an unmatched toolkit for audio professionals seeking to add depth, warmth, and richness to their sound projects.

– Nomad Factory

Det finnes følgende introduksjonspriser:
Individuelle plugins koster nå $29. (Normalpris $179)
Magnetics Bundle 3 koster $49 (Normalpris $299)

Oppgraderingen er gratis for dem som har disse produktene fra før.

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