MOTU 828 USB-C lydkort

Produsentene lanserer masse nye produkter på NAMM messen. Blant nyhetene finner vi f.eks at MOTO lanserer en helt redesignet versjon av sitt populære 828 lydkort for macOS, iOS og Windows. Prisen er her satt til $995, men hva enheten vil koste i Norge vet vi ikke enda.

Her er litt av hva de sier om nye 828:

Superb analog audio quality

Renowned ESS Sabre32™ DAC technology delivers 125 dB dynamic range and extremely low harmonic distortion. Analog performance is driven by decades of engineering expertise in audio interface technology.

Universal connectivity for Mac, PC and iOS

Connect to your Mac, PC or iOS device with 5 Gbps USB 3 (compatible with USB 2), with up to 60 audio channels (28 in and 32 out). Class-compliant firmware means you can plug-and-play with Mac or iOS hosts, no driver needed. Industry standard high-performance drivers work with any audio apps. Connect directly to your iPad™ via USB-C or a standard camera connection kit (Lightning adapter)

60 simultaneous audio channels

Connect all your studio gear, including microphones,
guitars, synths, keyboards, drum machines, outboard
processors, MIDI gear, optical expanders — even a foot pedal.
All 28 inputs and 32 outputs are available simultaneously.

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