Logic Pro oppdatert til 10.8.1

Logic Pro 10.8 ble lansert 6. november. Apple har nå, som tittelen sier, kommet med første oppdatering, så vi er nå på versjon 10.8.1. Krever macOS 13.5 eller høyere. Som vanlig bør man ta en backup av Logic og prosjektene før man oppgraderer – bare for å være på den sikre siden. Du vet: det gjelder å ha belte, bukseseler og et snøre i lomma…

Du finner release notes her, eller ved å lese videre nedenfor:

New in Logic Pro for Mac 10.8.1

Stability and reliability

  • Logic Pro no longer displays a MIDI Timeout error when loading certain projects.
  • Fixes an issue where Logic Pro could hang when loading a project that contains plug-ins that are not installed on the computer.
  • Fixes an issue where Logic could quit unexpectedly when multiple MIDI regions are dragged into Sample Alchemy.
  • Resolves an issue in which switching between open projects might cause Logic Pro to quit unexpectedly if one of them is using Flex Time.
  • Choosing Edit > Edit Transients for an audio file in the Live Loops cell editor no longer causes Logic Pro to quit unexpectedly.
  • Resolves an issue where Logic could hang when importing audio tracks from a project with a different sample rate.


  • Using the arrow tool to drag-selecting multiple regions is now more visually responsive.


  • VoiceOver now announces the start and end points of regions when CTRL-Home or CTRL-End is pressed.

Sampler, Quick Sampler, and Sampler Alchemy

  • Resolves an issue where Sampler might run out of voices prematurely when using a lot of sustain pedal presses


  • Recorded MIDI notes are no longer duplicated with certain AUv3 instrument plug-ins.
  • Audio Unit plug-ins that offer MIDI control now show up reliably as audio effects.
  • The instances of the Vintage Graphic EQ plug-in activate as expected when a project is loaded.

Takes and Comping

  • Changing the color of a Take folder now also changes the colors the individual takes when the setting View > Appearance > Region Color > As Track Color is enabled.


  • The Track Color setting in Channel Strip Components for the Channel Strip Inspector now works correctly.
  • It is now possible to simultaneously adjust multiple selected faders that are both inside and outside a Track Stack.

Drummer and Drum Machine Designer

  • Resolves an issue where some Drummer tracks might sound different if the project is opened immediately after launching Logic Pro.

Key Commands

  • The Delete File key command in the Project Audio window no longer deletes the track.
  • The Increment/Decrement Last Clicked Parameter key command now works properly when adjusting velocities of selected notes in the Piano Roll.

Track Header

  • Option-clicking the Power button in the track header now disables the track without unloading its plug-ins.

Control surfaces and MIDI controllers

  • Track colors now show correctly on Behringer X-Touch Extender control surfaces.


  • Manually edited Transients in the Audio File Editor are now retained when the region is resized.
  • The Piano Roll Velocity tool now works for all selected notes across multiple regions.
  • Adjusting the velocities of multiple selected notes with Piano Roll automation now compresses/expands the velocity range as expected.
  • Multiple selected regions in a folder now display correctly in the Piano Roll.
  • When the Event List View is set to “Event Position and Length as Time,” SMPTE positions can now be copied and pasted into a text editor.


  • The Gain tool now works as expected on takes in Take Folders.
  • Selected regions are now automatically deselected as expected when creating or modifying elements in Global Tracks.
  • Resolves an issue where Track Focus could shift to the top track when drag-copying regions to existing tracks.
  • Fade Out is no longer displayed twice the first time the fade type dropdown menu is opened.
  • Fixes an issue where user-disabled MIDI ports could be added unexpectedly as active ports to the end of the list in the MIDI > Inputs settings.

Logic Pro for iPad v.1.1

Logic Pro for iPad er også oppdatert. Les om nyhetene her, eller nedenfor:

What’s new in Logic Pro for iPad 1.1?

Mastering Assistant

Mastering Assistant is an effect plug-in that offers a quick and easy way to add final professional polish for a release-ready mix. Mastering Assistant, which is available in the stereo output channel of a project, analyzes the audio and fine-tunes the sound through dynamic adjustments, frequency balance corrections, and timbre enhancements. See Mastering Assistant overview.

Quick Sampler Recorder mode

The Quick Sampler plug-in features Recorder mode, that lets you create instruments and drum kits by directly recording audio with the built-in microphone or a connected audio input. You can set when recording starts and turn on monitoring to hear the signal while recording. See Recorder mode in Quick Sampler.

Interact with other apps using Split View and Stage Manager

Move seamlessly between Logic Pro and other apps with added support for Split View and Stage Manager.

Add multiple audio files using drag and drop

Select and drag multiple files from the Files app to quickly build drum kits or add stems to a project. See Import media.

Preview multiple patches, loops, or samples in the Browser

Quickly preview multiple samples, loops, or instruments in the Browser by touching and holding a Preview button, then dragging up or down. See Overview of patches, Add Apple Loops to your project, and Work with samples in the Browser.

32-bit recording

You can record in 32-bit depth (floating point) with a compatible audio interface. The advantages of 32-bit recording are that you can later remove digital clipping that occurred during the recording later by lowering the gain of the audio region, and that you can increase the gain of recordings made at a low level without increasing the noise floor. See Recording settings.

New content, including in-app Lessons and sound packs

Logic Pro features new Lessons covering a broad range of topics, including the Mastering Assistant, Sample Alchemy, and Beat Breaker plug-ins, beat making, automation, sound packs, and Play Surfaces. Two sound packs are now available: the Hybrid Textures sound pack contains 70 patches as well as over 80 Apple Loops featuring Sample Alchemy. The Vox Melodics sound pack contains a diverse collection of over 475 lyrical phrases, hooks, layered harmonies, FX, and one-shots.

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