Jacob Collier Audience Choir

Native Instruments har lansert Jacob Collier Audience Choir (gratis) for Kontakt og Kontakt Player. (Kontakt Player er forøvrig også gratis, for de som ikke visste om dette tilbudet.)

Her er hva de sier om produktet:
Explore choir samples captured at some of the world’s most iconic venues. Craft your own arrangements note-by-note or quickly lay down rich soundscapes with pre-recorded triads. Smart features help you dive deep into harmony, whatever your level of music theory knowledge. Simply use the chord generator function for instant harmony or effortlessly blend between tonalities of pre-built triads using the Triad Blend.

  • Relive the magic of Jacob Collier’s Djesse world tour by conducting your own audience choir
  • Blend vowels captured from different cities and add unique percussion with stomps, claps, and snaps
  • Record your own custom XY pad motions and add depth with polyphonic aftertouch support

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