Iconic Instruments SP140 Plate Reverb for VST/AU

Iconic Instruments har tidligere laget flere instrumenter for sampleren Kontakt, men nå har de lansert sin aller første plugin. Det er en effektplugin som de har kalt SP140 Plate Reverb.

Hva er så en plate reverb?

Plate reverb er en av det første måtene man klarte å lage «kunstig» romklang på. Det fungerer ved å spenne en stålplate opp med fjærer i en ramme. Platen settes i bevegelse av en transduser , som altså gir input til platen, deretter plukkes effekten opp av en mikrofon. Slike platereverb´er er plasskrevende og tunge, så derfor er vi glade for at effekten kan gjenskapes digitalt nå for tiden.

Her er hva de sier:

«The SP140 by Iconic Instruments is a faithful AU/VST recreation of five famous examples of the revered German steel plate reverb units, first introduced in 1957 and used ubiquitously on your favorite recordings throughout the 1960’s and 70’s, and even up until today.

Powered by Gorilla Engine, and made in collaboration with Numerical Sound, the SP140 includes classic functionality, like a pre-delay control, send width, a filter section with high- and low-pass filters, as well as a shapable node, tail length control from a full 6 seconds down to a mere 20ms (much shorter than an analog unit) and a mix control with a convenient solo switch to preview only the reverberation.

But the SP140 also sports some new twists to the original, like a 5-position density control that ranges from full-bodied plate sounds to a light, transparent wash without reducing the fullness of the reverb. Additionally, the drive feature gives you a classic tube-style distortion that you can apply pre- or post-reverb, and the high- and low-pass drive set screws allow you to place the distortion exactly where you want in the frequency spectrum. And finally, choose from a list of twenty carefully crafted presets that range from classic references to modern, or even abstract examples.»

Pluggen finnes for Windows og macOS i både VST og AU format. Introduksjonsprisen er $39, normal pris er $59.

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