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Harrison Audio Mixbus 10

Harrison Audio lanserer Mixbus 10 for Windows, macOS og Linux. Mixbus er derfor et av – ikke alt for mange – innspillingsprogrammer, som finnes for alle tre operativsystemer. Den største nyheten i denne versjonen er støtte for Dolby Atmos.

Her er hvordan Harrison Audio beskriver Mixbus 10:

Mixbus 10 is a Digital Audio Workstation with a warm analog soul. Designed by artists and audio engineers, for artists and audio engineers, Mixbus 10 features a comprehensive suite of production, editing, mixing, and performance tools essential for anyone who wants to make timeless music. For nearly half a century, Harrison has been helping the world’s leading artists and engineers to create some of the most iconic music in history. Now, with Mixbus 10, you can access Harrison’s signature sound and workflow within a DAW.

– Harrison Audio

Mixbus 10 finnes i tre ulike versjoner:

Mixbus 10129,99 USD1.419,- NOK *
Mixbus 10 Plus349,99 USD3.820,- NOK *
Mixbus 10 Pro499,99 USD5.458,- NOK *
* Kursomregning fra USD til NOK pr 24.04.2024

Demo kan lastes ned, slik at du kan prøve programmet i fred og ro. Det er noen begrensninger på demoversjonen, som naturligvis blir borte når lisensen er kjøpt og i orden.

Les detaljer om demo-begrensning

In Demo mode, these limitations are enforced:

  • Upon launching the Mixbus application, the Mixbus store page will be opened in your system’s preferred web browser
  • A quiet ‘hiss’ noise is injected randomly, lasting for a few seconds. This noise is not recorded to your tracks, but it is applied on the program outputs (including file exports).
  • Exporting of ADM (Dolby immersive master) files is disallowed in Demo mode
  • The bundled XT plugins will prevent access to their control-panel after one minute of evaluation

In Demo mode : the Dolby Atmos immersive panners, SSL 9000J EQ, and channelstrip Gate are available so you can evaluate them.  The XT plugins will operate in Demo mode, as described above.

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