Gratis fra Steinberg

Hvis du har HALion eller HALion Sonic kan du laste ned et nytt instrument gratis.

Her er deres beskrivelse:
«Taped Vibes takes one of the most iconic electric pianos and gives it a completely new, smooth, jazzy, laid-back spin. This free HALion instrument was sampled through the old tape of a Space Echo, a vintage pre-amp and through a high-quality DI box, giving you the freedom to play everything from buttery soul to gritty funk or chilled lofi. And with our new tutorial series, you can discover step-by-step how the instrument was created.

Taped Vibes is accompanied by a tutorial series on how to create sample instruments in HALion. With videos on sample editing, scripting, macro page design and more, watch the first episode now and subscribe to our YouTube Channel to stay tuned for the rest!»

Det finnes en video nedenfor der du kan se Taped Vibes i bruk. Bruk Steinberg Download Assistant for å laste ned instrumentet gratis.

Les mes hos Steinberg.

Steinberg Taped Vibes got HALion og HALion Sonic

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