Fabfilter Pro-R 2 Reverb Plugin

Fabfilter har hintet om at en ny versjon av Pro-R2 romklangspluggen var rett rundt hjørnet, og nå er den her! Pro-R2 har blant annet full støtte for Dolby Atmos, og få nye vintage og plate-klanger.

Nøkkelfunksjoner iflg. Fabfilter:

  • Beautifully designed room models, ranging from small ambiences and rooms to large concert halls and huge cathedrals
  • NEW Full immersive / Dolby Atmos® functionality, with channel layouts up to 9.1.6. A lot of time has been spent to implement surround cross feeding, resulting in an exceptionally convincing ‘sense of space’
  • NEW Introducing two brand-new reverb algorithms: Vintage and Plate, recreating classic digital reverbs and the metallic plate sound
  • Carefully developed to easily fit in the mix, without causing undesirable coloration, density or phase problems
  • IMPROVED Gorgeous Retina interface with large interactive reverb display featuring Decay Rate EQ and Post EQ curves
  • Very easy to set up, with user-friendly, non-technical controls
  • NEW Introducing Impulse Response import. You can now import IR files, which will be analyzed by Pro-R 2 and converted to reverb settings, decay rate and output EQ to match the sound of the IR as well as possible
  • NEW Added Thickness, Ducking and Auto Gate controls
  • Stepless Space control, which smartly and smoothly combines the room model and decay time of the reverb. You can choose from over a dozen carefully designed room models and seamlessly vary between them, without hearing clicks or unwanted artifacts
  • IMPROVED Decay Rate control, changing the overall decay time from 25% to 400% of the current Space setting
  • NEW Introducing Freeze button
  • Distance control to adjust the proximity to the sound source in the selected space
  • IMPROVED Introducing a full-featured preset browser, with support for tags, favorites and easy searching and filtering
  • The Character control changes the sound from a clean, transparent decay, to a lively reverb with pronounced reflections and echoes, all the way to an over-modulated chorus-like effect
  • NEW Added optional Speakers setting for Decay Rate and Post EQ bands in surround/immersive layouts, offering much more control over decay times in a room model
  • NEW Added mid/side and L/R options for Post EQ bands
  • Perfectly tuned Brightness knob, affecting not only overall brightness, but also the decay of high frequencies
  • Mix knob with a Lock Mix option, which prevents preset loading from overriding the current mix setting
  • Predelay control, ranging from 0 to 500 ms, with optional host tempo sync
  • Innovative six-band Decay Rate EQ, giving you full control over the decay rate at different frequencies
  • IMPROVED Resizable interface, full screen mode and customizable scaling
  • Six-band Post EQ to equalize the final reverb sound. Together with the Decay Rate EQ, this lets you design reverbs of any style or character
  • Intelligent Stereo Width control, ranging from pure mono to true stereo and beyond
  • NEW Added output level metering and optional piano display scale
  • Real-time spectrum analyzer that also visualizes the decay time at different frequencies
  • IMPROVED Stereo, mono and immersive/Atmos® plug-ins available
  • Supports common Pro Tools hardware control surfaces
  • MIDI Learn
  • Undo/redo and A/B comparison
  • Smart Parameter Interpolation
  • Sample-accurate automation of all parameters
  • Extensive help file with interactive help hints

Pluggen er tilgjengelig i flg. formater: VST, VST3, Audio Units, AAX Native og AudioSuite for Windows og macOS. I tillegg finnes den i AUv3 format for iPad.

Du kan teste pluggen i 30 dager gratis. Prisen er 169 EUR, ellers kan man kjøpe den i en bundle. Hvis du har produkter fra Fabfilter fra før kan du logge inn og sjekke hva din pris er.

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