Bitwig Studio 5.2 (beta)

Bitwig melder at Bitwig Studio 5.2 er på gang. En betatest er nå startet, med forventet lansering i sommer.

Her er noen hovedpunkter iflg. Bitwig:

  • Versatile New Compressor: The COMPRESSOR+ offers standard compression modes, alongside advanced features like multiband analysis, per-band timing controls, and a range of VCA color options for adding warmth, distortion, and analog-style saturation.
  • Musical EQs: Three new EQ devices join the roster: SCULPT, FOCUS, and TILT. These are designed for quick, intuitive sound shaping, inspired by classic hardware models and enhanced with modern features.
  • Precision Editing Shortcuts: New time selection key commands allow for fast and accurate navigation and editing of clips and events, significantly speeding up workflow.
  • Improved Beat Detection: Enhanced beat detection algorithms mean better tempo matching when importing audio, as well as the ability to easily extract tempo changes from existing material for flexible project tempos.
  • Hardware-Accelerated Graphics: Graphics are now rendered entirely on your GPU, giving you a smoother and more responsive interface.
– Bitwig

Additional Improvements:

New Distortion Device: The ‘Over’ device provides flexible clipping and distortion effects.
Plugin Undo: You can now undo/redo changes made within VST and CLAP plugins.
Crossover Modules: New Crossover-2 and Crossover-3 Grid modules for multi-band processing.

Du finner full changelog her. Les mer hos Bitwig

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