Abletunes Infinite Keys (gratis)

Abletunes Infinite Keys er et gratis instrumentrack for Ableton Live. Se video nederst i artikkelen.

Her er hva Abletunes sier:

INFINITE KEYS is a dual-layer instrument rack that allows you to blend a huge selection of sounds and waveforms sampled from 30+ vintage and modern analog synthesizers and acoustic instruments, creating original keys, leads, plucks, pads, and more. All with a warm vintage analog character.
And just to spice things up, we’ve bundled two unique effect selectors with 40 predesigned effects – from basic EQs and tone shapers to various modulations and complex effect chains.
INFINITE KEYS isn’t your run-of-the-mill boring instrument rack; it’s an instrument ready to explore and inspire you.
Hit the randomization button, and you’ll instantly generate a unique combination of instruments, effects, and filter settings, creating an endless stream of new sounds. Instant inspiration at the click of a button – whenever you want something fresh, just hit that Rand button and get a completely new sound!

– Abletunes

Kort og godt, her er hva du får:

  • Dual layer engine
  • 3,5 GB of audio content
  • Over 100 synths and keys multi-sampled from vintage and modern analog synthesizers
  • Basic waveforms multi sampled from vintage analog synthesizers
  • Grand, upright, and e-pianos
  • Unique instruments like kalimba, pipe organ, xylophone, and more
  • 50+ go-to presets for various genres
  • 100% Ableton Live native

Kompatibel med Ableton Live 11.0.12 (eller høyere) Standard eller Suite.

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